Environmental geochemistry, Vietnam: Heavy Metals in Paddy soils and Rice?

The aims of the investigation are manifold:

  • To evaluate the heavy metal contamination in paddy soils and rice along the two main river delta systems in Vietnam.
  • To investigate the element correlation in the initially alluvial soil - paddy soil, whereby it is possible in order to evaluate how contaminated a paddy soil was available.
  • To understand the main parameters (pH, redox potential, grain size, degree of contamination and nutrient status of the soils, where the rice grows) for the uptake of nutrients and harmful elements into rice from the soils.
  • To evaluate nutrient and toxic element transfer into the human body by the daily rice intake, to get information about health risks.
  • To bring out suggestions how to make lower the concentration of harmful elements during rice cultivation.

Contact information:

Thuy Phuong Nguyen

Department of Sedimentology/Environmental Geology

Faculty of Geoscience and Geography

Room: 2.142;

Tel.: + 49 551 3912585

Goldschmidtstr.1, 37077 Goettingen